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Many young carers exhibit different signs and need different things. 

Many young carers are 'hidden'. Some don't wish to be identified for different reasons, such as fear of stigma or of being taken into care. 

Sometimes it's hard to identify young carers, sometimes it's as simple as asking a question!

How schools identify

Schools are well situated to observe, support, act and work in partnership to positively impact young carers lives.

We spent time in Llanfyllin High School talking to them about how they identify the young carers.

What do young carers do

Being aware of the range of young carer situations, what they do and what they are looking for is a big step in identifying them.

Young carers normally don't fit stereotypes, so we need to talk with them and find out what's going on.

Identifying young carers issues

Identifying young carers can raise difficult issues. Child protection and rights come into play around what levels of care are appropriate, particularly for younger children. Each family situation, is different. Each young carer will have different needs, wishes, expectations and capabilities, and what is appropriate in one situation may not be in another. As professionals you will be sensitive to these issues, and work out how to respond.     

The earlier we identify young carers and support them, the better the outcomes will be for them and the people they care for.  

Money matters

A series of films have been produced by the Pogim organisation about money for young carers and its importance.