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Faith Communities Forum

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The Welsh Government is committed to working with faith communities to continue to foster and promote shared values and understanding across communities across Wales.  

The Faith Communities Forum facilitates dialogue between the Welsh Government and the major faith communities on any matters affecting the economic, social and cultural life in Wales.  

Who is involved?

The Welsh Government is represented by the First Minister, Chair of the Forum. The Leader of the House and Chief Whip, with responsibility for equalities issues, is the Deputy Chair.  There are 19 other members, including two representatives from each of the following faith communities:

  • Baha’i 
  • Buddhist 
  • Hindu 
  • Jewish 
  • Muslim 
  • Sikh  
  • Evangelical Alliance Wales 
and a representative from each of the following:
  • Church in Wales
  • Roman Catholic Church in Wales T
  • The Free Church Council
  • Churches Together in Wales (CYTUN)  
  • Interfaith Council for Wales. 

What is discussed?

Any matters of concern to faith communities in Wales can be raised and, similarly, any matters on which politicians might wish to consult faith communities can also be raised. Topics discussed at recent meetings include community cohesion, tackling poverty, issues facing minority ethnic communities in Wales, employment policy, modern day slavery and Religious Education in the curriculum.