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Shared Purpose: Shared Future: Statutory Guidance

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This statutory guidance is to enable the public bodies that are subject to the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 to respond positively to the duties they now have.

The package of guidance is split into 4 parts: 

SPSF 1 – Core Guidance

This contains guidance to public bodies and public service boards on key definitions, how to carry out sustainable development, understanding  the well-being goals, applying the sustainable development principle, an explanation of the individual duties (public bodies) and collective duties (public service boards), how public bodies fit into the architecture of the Act, and where the key changes in organisations are expected to be seen.

SPSF 2 – Guidance on the individual role public bodies have

This contains guidance for all public bodies covered by the Act to help public bodies set well-being objectives, publish a well-being statement, review well-being objectives and report on progress.

SPSF 3 – Guidance on the collective role through public services boards

This contains guidance for public services boards about the exercise of their functions, including preparation of an assessment of local well-being and a local well-being plan.

SPSF 4 – Guidance for community councils on taking reasonable steps to contribute to the local well-being plan 

This document contains specific guidance for those community and town councils which meet the criteria set out in the Act to comply with their duty to take all reasonable steps towards meeting the local objectives in the local well-being plan that has effect in its area.

Specified public bodies and Public Services Boards are required to take this guidance into account when discharging their respective duties under the Act from 1 April.

SPSF 5 – Key Dates

The purpose of this note is to outline the key dates for the implementation of the Act for public bodies, public services boards, relevant community councils and others. Please note – this is not statutory guidance and the dates in relation to future actions are indicative.